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DESO development | software, design, development

Specialized IT solutions

Development, service and support of software for paint industry and other specializations.

  • DESO development - Specialized IT solution

We create our own software and web applications for paint industry, we develop for our clients to order, we work closely on their projects, we provide quality service and customer support.

Our main products include visualization software ColorStudio & ColorStudio Online, tinting software Redlike and Universal Dispense Driver.

Each client is unique, we always want build trusted and long term relationship. The result of our work is tailor-made, comprehensive and cost-effective IT solution.


Professional tool for the preparation and online presentation of the object visualizations (captured, projected, simulated) - houses and apartment buildings, industrial buildings, roofs, gardens, interior design, furniture, cars, commercial booths, etc.

ColorStudio3 online

Tinting systems

Complex tinting system consisting of a universal machine driver UDD, tinting software Redlike and additional tools. The system provides dispensing on a lot of machine types, user friendly and reliable operations and indepedency of our customers.

Universal Dispense Driver

Tinting Management Center

Highly specialized tool for paint industry, dispensing machine maintenance of third Millennium, Business Intelligence, management decisions with the right data. Visit our website, stay in touch or check also our blog.

Big data in Paint industry
TMC main values

ColorStudio 3 Control your visions

Professional visualization software.
Top quality of the final visualization, high processing speed, special tools.

Learn how to work effectively with all the tools. Create complex visualizations in a few minutes. The result will be almost impossible to distinguish from reality.







Visualization on demand

You can not handle the visualization by yourself? You have a lot of requests and insufficient capacity? We will create them, we will help you.

Create a good visualization from bad photo can be a demanding job. We are ready to share our experience and help our clients.

ColorStudio visualization team

We are able to create the visualization from two hours after the order.

More information
High quality visualization of any object

It is possible to create a faithful, high-quality visualization from almost any photo. ColorStudio can be used for processing visualization of the building without final surface (also with scaffolding in front). It is possible to fitt new windows, doors or decorative elements, put roofing on non-existent roof, fence or present a new garden.

  • Main features
    • True color
    • Colored photos looks realistic.

    • Affectivity
    • Available tools allowing very quick and effective work.

    • Simplicity
    • You do not have to be professional graphic to work with the program.

    • Accessibility
      Recolor the picture though the internet anytime you want.

    • Versatility
      Custom colors, textures, sample projects.
  • ColorStudio 3 Online
    • Integration with desktop applications
    • Individual design and function
    • Complete technical service
    • Processed visualizations are divided into public and secure section
    • Export the result anywhere you need
    • Custom fandecks and textures
    • Any custom projects
    • Option to limit the color range offered for each project
    • Edit application via the administrator account
    • Multi-user administration for the management of all projects and users
    • Support for all the world's languages ​​(Unicode)
Combine different products for the best result

We develop ColorStudio with different programming technologies. The first is the ColorStudio 3, designed for desktop or selling kiosks. The second is the ColorStudio 3 Online for Internet browsers and mobile devices. We want to optimize the benefits of both approaches. We connect each other with low-level synchronization. With this combination is possible to create the highest quality visualization and also work with them from anywhere online.

The following diagrams show two ways how to use our products and services - the first variant shows a situation when the client bought the desktop ColorStudio 3 license and can thus rendering process itself, or may use the service of our specialists. In the second scenario, the client use our specialists for processing the visualizations.


Processing high quality visualizations on demand.

In addition to the ColorStudio 3 license, we offer create the visualization in the form of services. We are ready to meet our client's requirements and specifications very operatively. The client might not commit to anything, do not need any initial investment or cost. We guarantee high quality visuals in time starting from two hours after order.

Take a photo >>> add a description >>> send it to us >>> wait for the notification with your name and password or visualization >>> enter ColorStudio 3 Online >>> choose colors, combine it, try >>> export the result, print it or send via email.

Order the visualization


Tinting software for paint producers and retailers.


Use on many types of dispensing machines, with fast data updating, user friendly interface and data management.

  • Dispensing machines from different producers.
  • Universal use on manuals machines.
  • Volumetric dispensing (ml).
  • Gravimetric dispensing (gr).

The ability to customize on your demand. We can change fonts, colors, images, icons, logos, print reports.
Microsoft Windows© 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8.
Connecting to corporate information systems used natively or via conversion tools.

We supply you by all the necessary tools and programs for the independent operation of the tinting system.

  • Conversion tools from laboratory programs.
  • Converting data from other formats.
  • Complete formula administration.
  • Custom software settings.
  • Managing licenses over the Internet.


The database is divided into main and local part. User can change only his data, administrator works mainly with standards. He can, however, modify the user data.

  • Dispensing standard recipes.
  • Management and dispensing own recipes.
  • Managing customer database.


Adjustable price groups, calculated according to the specified colorant and base prices. Ability to insert special rates or automated groups calculated according to specific price ranges.

Creating custom print labels using our EasyPrinting. Possibility to add your own text, color elements, logos, contact information, simple geometric shapes, etc. Adjustable paper size for printing labels.

All dispensed recipes are stored in the database. They are available in statistics and can be exported to XLS / CSV. The historical recipe can be re-retrieved. Everything is connected with a database of customers.

Universal Dispense Driver

UDD mediates the connection between the client program and an automatic, semi-automatic or manual dispenser, or other external device (eg printer).

For example the client can develop its own tinting software without the knowledge of formulas mathemathics, machine control or control of printouts.Dispensing, cleaning, purging, mixing, calibration, and more commands can be used, depending on the machine type.

UDD can also monitor the status of colorants in the canisters. Driver includes a dedicated tool for creating custom printed forms and ensure its integration with the client program.

* This communication between the user and the UDD is used in the protocol Flink. UDCP contains it natively.

Custom development

We are proud to be part of the progress of our clients

We prefer long-term cooperation, we build on mutual trust and personal relationships. We are IT experts for our partners, not just a supplier. With the level of our knowledge, comprehensive services and outreach to other areas outside the actual software development, we are able to solve a wide range of requirements and bring solutions to the very constructive and innovative ideas.

Our principles

We always do our best to make the customer happy.
We enjoy long-term mutually beneficial cooperation.
And not only in project delivery, billing never finish this.
We are interested in the value of the project for the client and the benefits of our cooperation.
Each project is unique, each project is a challenge.
We are not afraid to jump into the already running project.
We are not superhuman, we do not say that we can do anything.
We remain long in contact.
We support client decisions, consult it and opposes.
We provide technical consultation and training for developers.

  • long-term partnership
  • high technical skill
  • we share our experience
  • comprehensive services
  • provide support and service
  • interdisciplinary perspective
  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Web
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows Mobile

We work with companies in the industry of production, distribution and sale of paints, colorants, machinery and laboratory equipment. We have created a web-based information systems for service organization and network of dealers. On demand, we entered into the development of other projects, learn them and completed as required.


Are you interested in more information? Write, call, join us ...

Regular contact

Communication is the base of every good cooperation. We prefer personal meetings, for more frequent contact use the following options.

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